I Remember

Tonight Lori led our prayer posse through an exercise of remembrance, with Thanksgiving on its way around the corner. God is always telling his people to “Remember, I am the God of your forefathers, who led you…”

Looking back on the past season Jesus’ presence was undeniable and remarkably consistent. Despite not having a lot of date time feasting with him one on one, there was a lot more “eating on the go” to simply survive. And he sustained me through another season. As he will for the next, and the next, and the next… why do I doubt? Remember…

I REMEMBER…(prompts from Joyce Krupp)

My Egypt situations of unfreedom that I have been able to leave behind
Moving from the bondage of undisciplined indulgence and waste to a repentant desire for wiser stewardship

My burning bush moments when my faith was affirmed and my work was renewed
Grateful for the renewed focus on outward prayer to bless and reach beyond the walls of the kingdom

My parting of the sea when I made it through difficulties and challenges
Accepting the scorching summer that made my skin weep and stole my sleep, forcing me to allow you to cleanse my habits from the inside out

My companions who aided me in my wilderness in times of doubt and confusion
Walking with friends who are journeying on similar paths, helping me to wrestle with how to interact with and trust you on this rocky path

My manna and quail that sustained my desert hunger and nourished me
Jesus’ tangible presence as my strength in especially physical and emotional trials and insufficiencies

My fire and cloud of others’ steady fidelity that assured me of God’s nearness
Dependent on sisters and prayer partners who were my stretcher bearers, who reflected God’s clear activity of growth in their own lives

My hope in reaching the promised land of deeper peace, newfound joy, and a renewed sense of purpose
Realizing a profound sense you are drawing me deeper into your cleansing river, in preparation for a new season


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