I Am From

I’ve never been much into poetry, but I’ve always loved asking “why” and digging into roots. So this “I Am From” synchroblog from SheLoves (with template included!) was a perfect way to practice being a poet. I was so inspired by all the posts that I even had visions of hand lettering this in calligraphy, but alas, the deadline is up, so I am choosing to silence my perfectionist heart by practicing the art of “good enough” instead of aiming for perfection.


I am from the kettle that boils the plain water that fuels me (hold the lemon)

From the apricot kernel oil that relieves my Sahara dry eczema

From the lamp that lights my night owl explorations of deep reflections and random trivia


I am from greasy guy-lan beef at the Mandarin after Chinese school

I am from the artistry of mom’s colourful home grown salads

I am from disordered calorie counting and secret exercise sessions at 6am


I am from sweet and sour

From walking on shaky ground and keeping false peace

From countless babysitterless after-school hours of make believe ‘til falling into bed tired from playing


I am from prairie sunny skies whispering limitless imagination and possibility

From rain clouds and claustrophobic mountains that steal my sky

And countless road trips in between

I am from 8 child hood homes, 16 apartments, and 25 roommates


I am from Chinese laundromats, restaurants, and railways

I am from the level headed logic of an abandoned PHD in math

I am from the artistry of the er-hu, Chinese ceramics, poetry, and pottery


I am from the brush practicing verticals of Chinese hanzi

From the calligraphy nib crafting Western alphabets in horizontal


I am from, “You are such a good guay daughter”

I am from, “I want to colour outside the lines”

I am from, “Use ideals, knowledge, and education to change the world”


I am from a church bubble, to the world’s party bubble, and back

I am from the shattered line between sacred and secular

I am from heaven here in my heart and heaven here on earth


I am from Jesus in my head…to my heart… and to my hands

I am from doing things for Jesus, to being with Jesus

I am from grace

From “I love you no matter what you do. Because you are mine.”


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