A Year of Growing Roots

Growing Roots2011 was a year of growing deeper roots. For one, I broke a personal record of living the longest at the same address than any other house ever before in my life! What a milestone for this nomadic soul. It seems somewhat reflective of a deeper reality – I have felt more at home within myself, and within the place God has brought me to in life, especially after losing my sense of self and direction when God began testing and refining His calling and purpose for me a few years ago.

I am grateful for the return of energy to pursue life’s adventures again. With less travels, I enjoyed exploring more of my city in the company of friends near and far (so many visitors this year!), as well as learning how to run ridiculously long distances (including a full marathon). It was a gift to celebrate so many birthdays, weddings, babies, housewarmings and graduations. It was a year of re-engaging in sharing life and faith with friends in community after a season of withdrawal. God refined me in faith and love by growing me in accepting friends as they are and learning to trust his care of them. I was most especially grateful last year for rich family time and miracles where God brought healing and growth as we rallied around my Yeh Yeh (grandpa) in his last days on earth.

Professionally, I enjoyed reconnecting with creative dreams and work projects in a more faith-filled-less-driven way. Persevering through difficult seasons, it was deeply rewarding to experience God’s supernatural sustenance and power working in unusual ways. God sparked our momentum at work by growing our team, and by maturing & expanding our direction & vision.

Overall, it’s been a season of coming alive again and being rooted in Jesus’ life & love. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.


2 thoughts on “A Year of Growing Roots

  1. This would make a great book cover! Very nice and congratulations on your milestones. I taught calligraphy for years and one certain thing is that most artists are close to God! We are rooted in Jesus!

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