i finally caved in…

… after all my ranting about Facebook, I finally caved in. That partly explains the lack of action on the blog now (the rest can be explained by my addiction to being busy with work and travels). Sorry. I can’t keep up with all the inboxes nowadays (voice mail, email, snail mail, Facebook mail, blog comments…) so I’ll be mainly on Facebook. My main hope and purpose of the blog was to stay in touch with people, and it seems Facebook is a better way to do that (even better than email for some Crack-book addicts!)


2 thoughts on “i finally caved in…

  1. Yes, I was a site visitor, but I’m also Sharon, your long-lost iamnext contributor. :o) (Sorry to leave a comment here but I don’t know the first thing about how to use facebook)

  2. hahaha! Hi Justine, it’s Omar. Your post is so funny because it so accurately describes how I felt…and I think we joined facebook on the same day! Crazy huh?

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