yes, I’m still alive…barely!

It’s June… what happened to May?? Here is an uneventful account of an eventful month:

  • First was the very cool week-long course on dialogue education at SFU
  • Then there was the road trip down to Birmingham with the roommies
  • Then the best birthday party ever with the best gift ever (scrapbook full of notes and cards from friends… Words of affirmation are my primo love language) Thanks everyone, especially Rach, Dilys and Becks!) [see the photo on the right on the bottom — my favourite shot from the whole evening!]
  • Then getting high on checking things off my to-do-list by making a mad dash to finish a whole bunch of projects, including work related and self-inflicted creative projects before leaving for a week in…
  • Atlanta — my first time in the deep South. Learned all kinds of helpful tricks from our ministry partners who run the Church Planting Leadership Assessment there. Bonus: learned some interesting lessons about myself in the process. Briefly toured the world headquarters for Coca Cola.
  • Back for 5 days in Vancouver, again running around getting high on checking things off my to-do-list, mostly in preparation for…
  • New York City! John, Mary and I are headed out there to help train and encourage Redeemer Church in prayer. The conference is over in a jiffy (7 hours in 2 days), then Mary and I are trolling the city for 5 days. Good thing we have similar interests! Looking forward seeing God alive and working in a different context…

Phew — I’m tired! I am quite looking forward to settling down for the rest of the summer to enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer. I do have to make up for kayaking time lost last summer!
But for now, off to pack for the Big Apple…


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